Tofu, Quinoa Salad Bowl

January 19, 2020      Nutrition, Recipes

Tofu, Quinoa Salad Bowl:

Oh my gosh! This is boosting full of rich savory flavor. Full of satisfaction and texture. Chalk full of nutrients including protein, fiber and vitamins. And most importantly, it’s so easy!

This meal literally took me 15 mins to make and put together. And ever better than that! My kids LOVED it! I feel like this meal just keeps getting better and better! Easy and kids liked it! That’s enough to make it a staple in my house!

For this recipe I cheated by using a salad mix bag from Costco. You can use whatever you prefer but it’s just what I had on hand. My kids like the balsamic vinaigrette dressing that comes with it too so that’s an added bonus.

Start by draining and patting tofu dry with a towel then cubing it to the size you prefer.

Heat olive oil in sauce pan and fry tofu on one side until just brown.

While this is cooking, start your quinoa. *Life Hack* I make extra for the week so the extra step is just a 1-time deal though the week.

Add seasoning to the tofu before you flip to the other side to brown. The seasoning I like for this recipe is garlic powder, salt, pepper, sesame seeds and basil.

Once both sides are well on the way to browning, assemble the salad.

Everything should come together quite easily. The quinoa will be just done as the tofu is fried and salad is finished.

Plate all three and top with dressing!

What you need:
1 box Extra Firm Tofu drained and cubed
1 cup dried quinoa
1 large bag of salad mix or make your own if you have the time
Seasoning for tofu (I used garlic powder, salt, pepper, sesame seeds and basil).
Lots of love!

It’s that simple!