Make your Resolution a Part of YOU!

January 2, 2020      Health Tips, Motivation

As we head into this New Year, New Decade, think about DOING something NEW! Think about TAKING ACTION. But before you take action, set your foundation for LASTING ACTION by finding your reason. Find your WHY. Understand your Purpose for wanting to do something new.

So often we set “Resolutions” and have great intentions but they fall by the wayside come March or sooner. It’s great you’re thinking about making changes and it’s even better that you follow through for some time! But imagine if that motivation lasted though the year! Imagine if the resolution/goal/intention you set turned into a habit and a new way of life. What if it became a part of you?

Let’s try something new. Right now. For real, I want you to take 5 minutes to set yourself up for success. Ensure that your resolution is lasting.

First, write down your goal with good old pen and paper. Hang it up somewhere you can see it. The simple act of writing it clarifies what you want and the constant reminder of seeing it targets your focus.

Next, take a step back and understand where you are now. Really get curious about where your mind is. What are you thinking when it comes to this goal and the work involved in achieving it? What have you been doing or thinking to possibly sabotage your goal in the past? What thoughts need to change in order to create a more successful outcome? The best way to create change is to start with the foundation of your thoughts. If your thoughts don’t support your goal, your actions will never last.

Then, look at your WHY! Why is it important that you reach this goal? What does it mean for you if you do reach it? What does it look like? What does it mean if you don’t reach it? This step is so important. It’s your motivation! When life gets in the way and you get busy, instead of dropping your goal and falling off track, take a step back and think about your why!

Now, take action! What small steps do you need to do to accomplish your goal? Yes, start small. Pack your bag so you're ready for the gym. Make a grocery list. Go through your junk drawer to start decluttering. Whatever your goal is, set yourself up for success by starting small!

Lastly, repeat the process! This is not a process that stops. Continue to get curious about your thoughts. What is supporting you and what is not. Revisit your purpose and why. Add and revise as necessary. And continue to ACT!

Do something new this year. Start with your thoughts and see the process work!