Intentional Isolation Goal

March 28, 2020      Motivation, Self Care

Isolation goal. What’s yours?

Its been 2 weeks since kids have been home. It’s been 2 weeks of working from home. Its been 2 weeks of figuring out a new schedule, a new way of doing things and what that looks like.

For me, I did what everyone else did. Freak out.
How am I going to get everything done at the same time? All these people talking about slowing down must not have kids!

Then I have heard people saying we just need to lower our expectations. That’s not the right answer either.

My kids can’t see me slack off. I need to produce now more then ever.   I am their teacher, I am their mom, I am their cook, I am their maid, I am their livelihood, I am their example. And I need to be a darn good one.  Now, let me be clear, I am not super woman!  I am so fortunate that I have a great support system and am even more fortunate that we all agree, this is the time to step it up. We all need to be their leader. 

Now is the time to step up, not use this as an excuse to slack off.

Yes, it looks different. Yes, it’s a new routine. No one expected we would be here.

But we are.

And the more we resist it, the more we cut ourselves off.

It just is.

So, I am taking back my control with what I can control. My mindset. My self-talk. My thoughts and opinions.

This is not some sentence we are committed to. This is an opportunity to step up our game. To see what we are made of!

I will say, over the past 2 weeks, my children have learned more then I ever thought imaginable! Much more then they would learn if they were still in school. I work them. I make it fun(ish) but I work them. There is not a moment that I’m with them that I don’t make a learning opportunity.

I get to work from home which means I don’t have the drive time. I am able to get to work, produce, and call it a day.
I will say that these past 2 weeks of adapting has halted some of my personal goals.

But why?

I was using COVID-19 as an excuse. I was too shocked to continue. I was processing what this new normal is. And that’s ok. Processing is good. And it’s also good to move forward.

So, here I am moving forward. My Isolation Goal is setting me back to normalcy in the best way possible. I can’t wait!

What does this mean for you? As you are adapting to these changes, make the changes intentional. Stop victimizing yourself.

Use this as a way to set new good habits. If you were not use to meal planning before, now is your time to shine! If you didn’t have enough time to workout before, now is your time to use your previous commute time to exercise. If you wanted to start meditating but always found an excuse to not sit, use this as an excuse to get still and breathe.

Then, learn and reflect on how you can use these new habits when we get back to our “normal” chaotic lives.

Keep in mind, isolation goals will all look completely different.  Be careful to not compare what other's are doing to what you should be doing. Find the smallest thing to move forward with.  Then watch that grow and uplift you even more then before! 

Live intentionally, with purpose!