Weight Loss

We all know what we should be doing.

But it’s hard to start. And once we do commit to action, we tend to easily get discouraged and thrown off track.

Have you gotten caught up in the cycle of trying the newest fad diet? You lose weight quickly only to gain it right back after you stop a program. You’re motivated seeing how quickly you lose weight by following Paleo, intermittent fasting, Keto and vegan diets. You do them and you get results! You feel great with the ability to think clearly, have more energy, see clothes fitting better!

Then one or more things may happen.

  1. You get confident/complacent and you go out and “treat” yourself. Treating yourself is not a bad thing. But it’s the view that you’re punishing yourself by being on the diet in the first place. This “treating” yourself can be something you do once and get right back on track, congratulations! Or, it can be something that throws you off course and Boom, you spiral back to old habits.
  2. After a particularly stressful day or week you seek comfort in the easiest way you know. Old habits and behaviors are comforting, familiar, warming. Before you know it, you’re in the pantry or refrigerator seeing what you have to eat.

Whatever your story might be, the point is these are behaviors that lead to yo-yo dieting. Research shows just how harmful the ups and downs of losing weight is for our heart health but it also is Metabolism Suicide. Each time you lose and gain weight makes it harder for the next time you try to lose.

Stop the incessant cycle.

Go deeper to make lasting, realistic, life changes.

The Time is NOW. You know what you want! Let's Work together!

Together we aim to understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. We look at actions from a deeper level of curiosity. Only once you understand your automatic behavior can you truly change it.

Get curious about you self-talk, how you self-sabotage and how to stop that cycle.

We work together to target your Why! Why is weight loss and ultimate weight maintenance important to you? What are you really hoping to achieve? Better health? Quality time with kids and family? Less money spent on health care?

What is your WHY?

Let’s discover together how you make lasting change though action. Make your actions a new way of life so it’s easy to maintain.

It’s your way of life.