The New Normal

May 9, 2020      Motivation

This pandemic has us all asking what the new normal will look like. That question comes from wanting to know what to expect, fear of the unknown and resisting change. And these are all normal reactions to protect our lives as we know it.

We have all witnessed how much change asks of us. Tears, fears, laughs, love, strength, courage, flexibility, forgiveness, shifting and so much more.

The more we keep waiting for “normal”, we have less acceptance of the now and more resistance and unrest in our mind.


"my new normal is to continually get used to new normals" ~Unknown

This is not something most of us willingly do. We are comfortable with our normal. But I’ve heard from so many clients, and seen for myself, how great parts of this shift has been. Enjoying new habits of slowing down, exercising, meditating, contributing more to our children’s education, cooking, spending time fixing our homes, etc…

This is not about seeing only rainbows and daisies, because it’s not! But by accepting, we can see the good.

Okay, so now let’s zoom out. Let’s talk about finding a new normal outside the current pandemic. Finding a new normal is something that is required when we want to accomplish something. New jobs, new relationships, healthier living, insert your goal here.

Fundamentally, we cannot continue living the same way and expect different results.

We must do something new and be okay with what “new” asks of us. It will not be comfortable right away. You may experience some discomfort. But I promise you, discomfort will not last. Set your intentions with a strong foundation and be okay with what obstacles come at you. That will only make the result solid.

Set your roots with a strong foundation. Strong enough that when the storm comes you will be flexible enough to endure the winds and grow a stronger trunk and blossom despite the difficulties.

The sooner you’re okay with “different”, the less pain you experience through growth.