Taking Yoga Off the Mat and into your LIFE

April 1, 2020      Athletics, Motivation, Self Care

Yoga! We NEED it, Now, more than ever before.

Friends, we need to keep breathing. Keep moving. Keep our rhythm. Stay focused. Stay balanced. Stay grounded. Feel all the feels; the good and yes, the bad.

There is no escape button. No way out but through. And the way we get through is the way we show up for ourselves and others in our life. And it defines who we are now and from here out.

In yoga, you get to choose how to respond to the practice.

I respond by showing up in the moment. Whatever that moment has to offer. One-minute high plank? I show up. Then, when I step off the mat, everything else feels easy by comparison. I like to leave all static energy on the mat so it doesn’t grip me off the mat.

If you have a regular yoga practice, you know it’s not easy. You know it takes determination, resiliency and focus.

You know that there are days when you show up and you dominate! You have that focus. Your head is so clear and you walk away from your mat feeling blissed out.

You also know there are days when you struggle your way through simple poses. You try hard. You find yourself getting frustrated, then angry. This is all part of the practice. You will have those days. And most likely, what your body needs is to back off and just breathe. Which is, in and of itself, yoga.

Find the balance.

Our life situation is our yoga practice put to the test! And this is our time to practice.

We may be frustrated or angry at our situation but the harder we try to push though, the faster we will fatigue and have feelings of anger or anxiety.

Try easy my friends! Find balance.

Stay in the simple elegance of the breath.

But we do have to show up!

Show up to life and show up to your mat.

Not with frustration and anger, but with acceptance and an open mind. An open mind to be in the flow of what the practice brings. Trust the practice. Keep moving forward with grace and love.

Are you finding it difficult to show up?

What are your thoughts around your life situation right now?

Coaching, along with yoga, can center you into what is most important so that you are free of the disserving thoughts in your mind. I can help you get back to your path even in our current situation.

You can find more peace within by seeing chaotic thoughts for what they are. Being coached helps with thought organization and focus.

So, what do you want to be proud of when this is over? Let me help.

But no matter what, breathe though, let breath be your practice if nothing else.