Maximizing Nutrition for Kid Approved Food.

December 10, 2019      Health Tips, Recipes

Yes, despite raising my 2 little girls on healthy, non-processed foods, they still wish to have the oh so famous store bought “Mac and Cheese”. I cringe even typing that. Mac and Cheese. There is nothing good about it! Bleached out enriched flower filled with powdered cheese and butter. No thank you. But, according to my brother, I shelter my kids from food. According to him, I make them paranoid about things like Red dye 40. Do you blame me? Read more about red dye 40 HERE. So, I strive to find compromise (a powerful word for any mother of a 3 and 5-year-old). I opt to buy organic, sometimes gluten free. Trader Joe’s has an amazing flavor ( No artificial dyes found in there. And I power it up with broccoli, which is the only way my kids know me to make it. And for an added bonus, I sprinkle a few tablespoons of nutritional yeast which adds B vitamins and an extra creamy taste of cheese. 

Recipe: boil water and add noodles. 6 mins into adding the noodles, add 3 cups (or more) of organic broccoli. Continue to cook for another 3 mins. Drain and put in mixing bowl.
Add 3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast and the powered cheese mix along with milk (I use almond milk).
Mix and serve.

Box of mac and cheese
3 cups Broccoli
3 tablespoons Nutritional yeast